Pırıl Otel Çeşme

Indoor Thermal Pool, Sauna, Steam Bath, Turkish Bath, Thermal Jacuzzi, Relax Rooms are free to our guests.

Properties of Çesme Thermal Water;

Thermal of Çeşme's resources and water features are among the top 10 countries in the world. In particular, it has been proven that the flow and temperature of thermal waters have superior physical-chemical properties, in other words their qualities are superior to the sources in Europe. In addition to these features, Çeşme Thermal Region has geographical location, transportation facilities, coastal- It is accepted as a thermal region in the eye. We have a Salty Thermal feature, which makes pain relief for rheumatic diseases and painful muscle joint diseases very high.

  • Indoor Thermal Pool
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Turkish Bath (Hamam)
  • Thermal Jacuzzi
  • Relax Rooms

Non chargeable to hotel guests

Properties of Çesme Thermal Water;

Potassium 460.207 Bromide 0.126
Sodium 8.262.142 Fluoride 4.800
Calcium 1.137.970.8 Sulfate 2.150.000
Magnesium 1.878.652 Nitrate 0.660
Iron 0.400 Hydrogenphosphate 0.225
Aluminum 0.170 Bicarbonate 28.600
Zinc 0.130 Metabolic acid 18.630
Chloride 18.900.039 Metabolic acid 13.910 Ph 6.76